Retail Planogram Maintenance

Enstock Solutions Inc. has a staff of trained planogram merchandising professionals who can maintain your planogram. Our experienced team can provide timely and efficient management of the following planogram maintenance services:

Initial setup
⦁    Full resets
⦁    Test audits
⦁    Label, sticker, price, and point-of-sale material removal and changes
⦁    Verify SKUs
⦁    Remove discontinued items
⦁    Verify product cut-ins
⦁    Replenish point-of-purchase literature

In-Store Merchandising and Display Execution

Precise in-store merchandising is critical to the success of your store or product. Gaps in execution can lead to wasted time, disorganization, a poor customer experience, and lost sales. Enstock Solutions Inc. understands the value and importance of effective execution and we are proud to say that we routinely achieve execution rates of 99% and higher on every service.

How do we do it?

Whether you need planogram maintenance, test audits, item corrections, or another one of in-store display and merchandising services, Enstock Solutions acts as your retail partner and we are dedicated to executing your program to perfection.

We Know Retail

Our executive team is comprised of retail professionals with years of retail employment experience. This gives us knowledge and insights other store merchandising companies don't have.

Exceptional Customer Service

Our team is committed to your satisfaction and pride ourselves on having great relationships with our clients. We operate with integrity and treat our employees, vendors, and guests with dignity and respect.

New Planogram or Retail Audits

Enstock Solutions understands planograms and adjacencies and can complete retail audits without bothering store teams, giving you a sense of security that your new product is set and fully stocked on the sales floor.

Store Audits Combined with POG Maintenance

Many of our clients will combine a store audit with a POG maintenance service meaning our staff will ensure it is set, full, labeled/signed, and the counts are correct. This is an easy way to ensure your product is out on the floor. Enstock Solutions can also do pricing audits (ensures the POG labels and/or signing elements tell the guest the price of your product) and product quality audits (replacing incorrect parts, changing out displays, etc.). Let Enstock Solutions be your eyes in the stores.

Retail Inventory Services

Managing your most valuable assets starts with knowing what and where your inventory is. Determining the quantity of items that you have on hand within your stores and their price points is a necessary part of running an efficient operation. With Enstock Solutions help, you can complete your inventory process effectively and efficiently. You’ll gain a better understanding of any shrinkage issues so that you can proactively manage your loss prevention processes.

Benefits for Your Business

Accuracy - You’ll benefit from our attention to detail, audit trail and customized process. Our data collection helps in providing accurate results and helps to eliminate common count errors.

Trained Workforce

Trained, direct employees provide the inventory expertise so that your employees can concentrate on running the business, not counting inventory. With our trained inventory staff available for your next project, you can rely on Enstock Solutions Inc.
Project Management Expertise - Physical Inventory takes planning to succeed. With project management expertise that you can rely on, we’ll take care of all the details to ensure flawless execution of your inventory. Account instructions are developed for each client, so that your specific needs are met.

Staffing Solutions

We know many of our customers prefer that their staff focus on their business and taking time away to conduct an inventory count — even if that was the original plan. Rather than ask family members, recruit friends or even resort to temp agencies, we provide trained staff on a per project basis. You have the advantage to leverage your existing resources as well as utilize our inventory associates to complete the team.