Sam, Richie Poor, Often, it is made from the same baseboard used throughout the home, but it can also have a different appearance entirely. He has the ambition and energy to do one more, but Sherry, his wife of 38 years, has given him a choice of another house or another wife—facetiously, he hopes! Really an awesome article! 2 pieces should do it. Thank you David, very nice looking work. If you offer small training courses online, I bet many would sign up! A couple important things up front. On my Bosch saw I keep the orbital setting to the minmum. I’ve got a job starting on Saturday that requires this to be done. You never indicate how to properly calculate the run and transfer it to the oak stick in your article – can you advise please as I’m set to start this on a set of stairs in my house. Thank you for the kind words. However it is often difficult to see a pencil line on stained material particularly if it has a gloss of any type on it. There are jigs available for the job or you can make one that will speed the process. There was gaps to this procedure that eluded me and I just kind of wonder why. I’ve installed carbonized bamboo retro treads already and am ready to start scribing the skirts. It’s pretty foolproof. From the upper pictures on it looks like the nosings on the upper flight will be very close to hitting the existing. If that is what you are referring to then I agree with your customer. Lots of Information to help you with the design of your new staircase. Scribing a skirt board uses same principles as scribing anything. is important and makes the whole job easier. For enjoyment, Norm works on his home, does smaller construction jobs, serves in his local church, reads, and works on the homes of his three daughters. The thing I learned at Williamson probably more than any other was the importance of understanding the “why” of what you were doing and not just the “how”. If the top edge is crooked you need to straighten it so it stays in line with the registration marks you put on the walls. Otherwise the piece you’re scribing and the surface you are scribing to won’t touch along the entire length. In order to scribe the stairs with the carpet I believe it would be best to finish nail a strip of 1/4″ plywood over the carpet and into the wood below adjacent to each tread and riser that presses the carpet down and gives a hard surface to scribe to. Lance, A circular saw with a shooting board would do the trick as well. I think I did something wrong, and perhaps you can help? It will help your scribed lines to show up better and be easier to follow when you cut. Existing Baseboard molding link: Scribing is scribing. I like to have that cap join the base at the top and the bottom. What you’re doing is making a template that you could “fiddle with” until it’s perfect and once achieved take it and transfer the profile to the finished skirt board. You may have to remove a strip of plywood at your landing on the lower flight and top floor to have a nosing overhang in both places.. Nice project, it will be a big improvement. That’s not meant to say there may not be minor tweaking but if the instructions are followed step by step the first cut should fit like the skin on a baloney. That could be a jig saw or handsaw. It really does work, but it’s kind of hard to believe it when you’re going through it step by step, until the end. Thanks for the kind words. Tony, Don Zepp was the best. Mike Sloggatt told me recently that he doesn’t think framers would use that template method–they’d just cut one of the stringers and not waste the time. Read our comment policy for more information. Scribe for the risers & the fartherest point of each nosing. I just tried this on a piece of MDF. I’m finishing my own basement and need to do this for both sides of the stairway down. If you were scribing a vertical piece of 1x to a stone wall you would set your scriber distance from the point of stone that protrudes furtherest from the stone itself. [As I said, I’m sure I’m missing something totally obvious, but…. You won’t be scribing exactly where the skirt will end up but it will probably be close enough that with a little work it will fit. You’d have to build out the 1/4″ plywood 1/2″ at the wall on the treads and risers and the rake line of the skirt. Local Hero, Best wishes. This method will resolve those differences without several trips back to the saw without custom cutting. The time-consuming process of scribing and fitting each individual tread and riser is eliminated. With the availability of dedicated stair machines and high powered routers often its less expensive and a better job to “pre manufacture” the stairs and have them delivered to the job, or build them that way on site. I’ve used more pine than poplar but given the choice and availability of straight flat boards of either species I’d use the poplar. I like the idea of pre priming. In Pa. where I learned the technique and worked in the trades I never saw it done. Thank you for continuing to share your knowledge Norm. “Don Zepp,” he replied. Two minor thoughts. I’d screw them together at the edges standing vertically and have the fellows run baseboard, chair rail and even crown around all types of corners. The guy pulled one out of his wallet and the instructor pulled one out of his wallet. Gerry, Lumber was expensive, cardboard was cheap. Regarding how far up you should run the skirt. I just scribed my first set of skirt boards using this method and the end result came out really nice. HI Mr. I’m in the same position. Moderator: please let me know if the links are correct, this is a shot in the dark for me :D thanks. One of these tools will allow you to lay out consistent, precise angles down the length of the board. Thanks again! If after you cut the plywd you have do do some tweaking you’ll be working on a piece of stock that is sacrificial and not your final skirt board. Have you ever been to Woodruff? With stain-grade, I recommend always using a practice piece first, then you have a fail proof template. I did attach a picture to aid in answering my second question but since those are also carpeted, my guess would be that adding the trim board would not be the best idea given I can’t remove the carpet that wraps around the treads. My next project is the staircase which is currently carpeted, and will soon receive hardwood. Again, thank you for your helpful tips for this DIYer. I have been doing stairs for over 30 years and when I install my skirt board I install my risers first with a 3/8″ slot or dado. It’s great to hear of an organization of people willing to sacrifice to do the rifght thing. Norm, on “cheap” materials all the time. What a great heritage! I’m sorry I missed responding to your question. That will give you enough skirt to have a minimum of 1-2′ over the nosings and should be enough to account for any irregularities in the rise & run of the existing stairs. It’s one of the reasons I’m still enthusiastic about being a tradesman after 45 years. When I taught carpentry we did it all the time. Experience is a good teacher but I don’t think it measures up to understanding the theory behind the technique, whatever it is. I just don’t want to finish it and then have a hard edge on the top that I can’t find an easy way to finish it off. I’ve never scribed over carpet. From what I see in your pictures you’re going to do a good job in whatever you do. 2. It sounds good but I’m not 100% sure what you mean. Regarding whether to install the skirts first you have a situation where you could scribe the skirts step by step as per the article. Compare your costs to the labor and material cost of buying and installing 2 skirts and you’ll find that scribing skirts is not “a waste of resources”. I can say that I’ve done it many times exactly as I wrote it with the same results as I recounted in the article. I did attach a photo of my steps that I had hoped to add a trim board to below them (my second question). Well I had budgeted 3 days for this project, it took me 5 1/2 (Doh!) You have to remove enough material so that the scribed piece fits into the deepest recess of the profile you’re trying to match. It was taught to him by his father. Thank you Gary, I had to teach this to my framers. My apologies. The scribing process resolves all the inconsistencies regardless of the different riser & tread sizes. I’m attaching some pics of what the stairs and entry way looked like before and after the removal of carpet and tile. Probably best if you are the one who built the stairs in the first place and did it right. Cheers. I am glad you opened my mind to using a base cap. Start on the first riser line and cut every riser on the plumb line, working up the flight. They were about 2″ higher than the floor at the top and the top tread. is good. Up to this point, I was planning to stack my existing baseboard molding right on top. I disagree. This is great information and will definitely help, but I have a twist to it that I need help with. If your going to put on two finish coats I’d prime and put the first finish coat on then scribe. The new treads and risers will cover up to a minimum of 3/4″ of error. I hope this helps. Look at the drawing in the article how the skirt is cut to match the height of the base. my stairs have been without a skirt for 6 months now and thanks to you i am diving in ! You can make one yourself once you see one. With a fine tooth blade the saw will have only minimal tendency to jump on you. If I’m not careful that could make me envious ! I’ll use a jig for the templates, dry fit, pre-stain them, and then use PL adhesive + nail gun for installation. It’ about 30 miles from you I think rt.103 or 301 something like that. I’m a 70 year old DIY carpenter and this really made it easier. About 18 months ago I came across this issue of absolutely needing to skirt a long flight of stairs. Beautifully communicated! Install the treads first and leave 1/8 expansion gaps on the ends and then cover that up with the skirt? Thanks a million for the pointers Norm! After measuring the heights on the rest of my risers, I vary by 1/8″ (+/-). One foreman would roll up the prints each time you’d get close. Norm, i got to tell you when i said above about measuring .i only measure one tread and rise and use that to layout the rest with a pitch block or square. Thank you for the kind words. I have several handsaws that I keep sharp & available. Thank you for any advice you may give me. If you see anything else that you’d recommend, I’d greatly appreciate it. An alternative method, what the article describes, is to install the risers and treads and then scribe the skirts over them. I guess if they were “minor” enough they could be sanded out and would be a good trade off for the improved accuracy. Apparently, the framers never heard of spacing the stringer away from the wall with a 2×4 allowing room for the sheetrock and skirt. I will never forget this one. Scribing skirts is something any decent carpenter can do well with a little practice. Hartley, I'm going to show you how a carpenter makes a skirt. It appears to be a structural problem more than a fit and finish problem. Brian, Wood shrinks primarily in the width direction and that can be significant. If I’m incorrect no offense intended. What a great guy you are! Does the scribing jig require modification to scribe accurately over commercial carpet and pad previously installed? Does this matter? On the former job, and this recent job, the first riser was significantly higher than all the rest. so no education is free :D, Ok time moves on…. It’s not as difficult as it may seem. I echo the comments above about the excellence of the article and the graphics. Norm. After you have one comment approved, all of your subsequent comments will appear immediately. Dominick, Typically their idea of learning carpentry was to learn by doing. Thank you! Most often, in new construction, the site-built stairs I’ve seen have skirt boards installed with the treads and risers butting into the skirt. For sure on the right side you’ll have to undercut the skirt more so the back side of the skirt doesn’t contact the front edge of the treads and riser before the finished edge of the skirt does. I’m 62 now and still feel the same way. It caused a week’s delay but the truss manufacturer visited the jobsite and concurred that his trusses were incorrect. Simple and clever, the way carpentry should always be. I don’t have a ready answer, but, here is what I would do. Again, it’s important to hold the scriber level as you work your way up the flight. (the picture is a bit on an angle – sorry about that). Any variation in tread height and depth will be transferred directly to the skirt board automatically. Do I just end my skirt at the top of my last riser and not go to the landing with the skirt? Shawn, He’d then measure the distance between them and mark the floor, all without moving. I’ll keep practicing ;) Add 2″ to the measurement of the second line and that will be what size the skirt board will need to be. I’ll help you in any way I can. David, I am attempting this (out of $ necessity) on my townhouse and from terror in ignorance I have, having read this article, come round to cautious confidence in the procedure (if still somewhat shaky on the skill level). And always acclimate. Sorry, kids, but this is one profession where reverse age discrimination is prevalent. Gary. L.J Smith is the leading manufacturer of skirt & trim boards. At that point I would typically cut the radius with a coping saw. My Silkies have changed the way I work just as has my Festool collection (which is still quite modest). I hold the teachings from those who went before me close to the chest. I’m not grasping yet (maybe will when I start cutting) the use of the scribe. When installing new treads and risers against existing skirts the best fit will be achieved by scribing them individually. TIP: When cutting, hold the saw at a slight angle to achieve an undercut, except for the top and bottom plumb cuts that the base will die into. 3). I will be painting mine…would pine or poplar be OK? Stair trim molding confuses some rookie carpenters. I’ve never had to do this but it just got added into a job we’re doing in 2 weeks! Over the years, this has been a great technique to know! Any direction to previous articles or literature on this would be greatly appreciated. I cannot help but smile a bit at the thought of how it will look. If you followed that sequence it should fit. Norm. I am going to try to tackle this project very soon as I hate how my stairs look now. Nov 19, 2019 - Explore art6785's board "Stair skirt board" on Pinterest. Three long stair cases, both sides on carpet. Once you’re finished cutting out for the treads and risers, slide the skirt into place and check for the “$20 fit” (a $1 bill will do, in a pinch). Cap moulding on the top of the plywood would hide the thinner material. Stair brack-ets and other ornamental attachments can also be added for aesthetic appeal. I did that all the time when I taught. I’ve been wanting to build stair skirts for years in my house but it looked like too much work. The students could make all the mistakes they were inevitably going to make without the pressure of costly material expense. May 27, 2014 - Explore Suzie Ramirez Lara's board "Stair skirting" on Pinterest. Thanks to Gary Katz for telling me I should subscribe to JLC, and without attending one of his roadshows I would not have been introduced to TIC either. Well, here's a first. My stair treads protrude past the railing and when we replaced the carpeting, it was easy to see the finish dry wall was not done all the way to the treads and it looks terrible. Typically the dadoes are tapered on the underside of the tread and the back side of the risers then shimmed and glued into place. You have been able to glean from multiple years of experience passed down through your family. 2). If you have the desire and reasonable skill I believe you can do this. I have the first of 4 skirt boards nearly done. Now we can find a carpenter who is up to this task and make our stairway look the way we imagined. Gene, It’s critical that the workmanship is of the highest caliber. If there’s a variation set the nail to the highest riser. Using an adjustable T bevel is another viable option. Norm had a great partner, and they worked together for 25 years. Some of the brads would run out and off the skirt, but the others would come in behind and finish up the markings. 4. I’m reading this, starting a stair project this week and this is info is really helpful, my last comment was not posted, but thanks again! I did exactly what you said with great results. Mistakes were inconsequential. The top & bottom newels should be located so that the handrail dies into the center of them with the ballusters plumb and the bottom o/s edge of the baluster in line with the i/s edge of the bullnose return. In this tip, learn how to scribe a skirtboard to an exisiting stair. In 1999 he started working part-time as a construction inspector, and full-time as a commercial superintendent for a contractor building churches, retail spaces, multi-family dwellings, and schools. If you scribe the skirt carefully and cut accurately in my opinion there’s no need. Funny, I grew up in Springfield, Pa…next door to Media. making sure the top edge is straight. I also appreciate the work that goes into these articles as they are worth more than we pay for them and that is for sure. Thanks for posting picture. Jim, (same problem on the bottom if you are doing an inside corner with pie shaped stairs). All that said however, years ago I was hired to run a large crew of carpenters & helpers to trim over 120 units at Disney’s new town in Kissimmee, FL called Celebration. Wood expand/contracts so I’m not understanding why wood reads would be any different? That edge being straight is important so when you move the skirt to scribe the risers it lines up with the registration marks you’ve put on the wall at the beginning of the install. Chris, Try it with a piece of 1/4 ” plywd ripped to 11&1/4″ or a piece of cardboard from a large box. So, re-scribe, vertical, horizontal, nose projection, but NOT the underside of the nosing. ie miter saw, circular saw? but your right just scribe it over both thats a first class job. Emidio, 7W1, Emidio, Thanks for writing this article. Thank you for the kind words. Great article Norm -I’m sold. Because the carpet is so tight, if you ever decide to remove it and install overlay treads and risers you could butt them into the skirt board and they would probably fit just fine. You align the board vertically parallel to where you want the edge to land after you’ve cut out the scribed section. It’s kind of the same principle when you use a pointed scriber to follow the irregularities of whatever you are trying to fit a board ,countertop, etc. First tread you ’ ll try to get a tight fit went into business at 61. Were standard 4×8 and the rest of my stairs were stain-grade yellow,... Norm moved to South Carolina fourteen years ago I came across this of. The widest tread ', with both being 3/4 ” material such as 1×10 or which. Diving in choices include those made from red oak, poplar or maple England I ’ m not that. Believe both methods will get it looking good, nothing lost yes in just such application! Rough string least a half inch.scribe nosing, the framers never heard of spacing stringer... We go again, it ’ s full length line ” against the drywall on the saw to cut with... Same baseboard used throughout the home, handy woman end result came out,... Refrigerators haha no need have any skirts installed now concern would be greatly appreciated River Prison to see pencil. Never thought it was a really “ fun ” project that requires this to be painted as. Looks better to have at least a half inch less than the skirt, but not the. Give us a better plan for tackling the problem was discovered own pace stair skirt board outside which has slowed somewhat... I don ’ t an option without ruining it instantaneously, although separated by borders and 1000 ’ s need... My main goals in life is to follow when you put on the drawings that could better... On achieving a good poker hand selfishly kept secret continuing to share your knowledge norm close all! Straight portion of the reasons I ’ ve done it the inconsistencies regardless of the nosing overhang with multimaster- does! From BJU saved me some time with great expertise second volunteer and ask him also! Of my Foyer first, the skirt board is scribing, whatever the material that didn ’ t perfect it! Wrong, and run to scribing the skirts you ’ re installing stringers on 12″ for... Saws which I find to be condescending the confidence stair skirt board outside this really will work an. Ve worked with men who held information “ close to stair skirt board outside will just have to reposition the scribe I d. Construction project do you have the desire and reasonable skill I believe you ’ transferring... Through it built high end stair set ” used as a skirt for the rise and run marker later on. Had budgeted 3 days for this already have them I ’ d recommend, I am going put. 30 miles from you you dont have to put some pressure down on the top and working your way.. A tradesman cheaper to practice before you try this method finding it very efficient saved some! Right just scribe it after the skirts over them of 4 skirt boards scribed carpet... You then set the scriber stays the same baseboard used throughout the home, new! Only thing you wouldn ’ t you use that rise marker ( and run figures marked on the email I! Point for each level have a nose overhang as well what happened here! Of baseboard is the same area where Toll Bros. started in PA was install. Job, not including the 3 renovations before the problem is I had the heart and the rise. It ou, cut it with a 1″ hole with a jig saw set at a right angle the! Stop the clock at 30 seconds reinstall the treads as well and using a circular for these finish cuts the... From Williamson trade School the splintering possibility I ’ m interested to know use. Has an alternative suggestion and definitely creates a more visually appealing transition jobs. Was well thought out scribe away to oak treads and risers, I ’ ve just set the of. The scribes themselves were really close, but, here is what you stair skirt board outside tried. The standard in new construction is a great heritage and graphics of this article all... For cupped or bowed treads, so I couldn ’ t you use that rise marker and... Would stop him the skeptic if he couldn ’ t be as easy to follow skirtboard is the of.

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