The dragon forms act more like special spells, with Ryu temporarily transforming into the dragon form to perform one attack and then changing back to his human form. Had I known the future that you were going to ask this question, I would have bookmarked it. Ryu Bateson is a playable character in Breath of Fire II. He is also one of Ryu's most respected teachers and mentor. Upon arriving back on the surface, his party praises him for his courage and accomplishments. Why won't Capcom just hook Ryu and Chun-Li up already? Katt and Nina are his possible options, though much of it is left in an inconspicuous state with only hints and implications throughout the story. That night, Bow convinces Ryu to run away with him to live as thieves, in a larger town. Strangely enough, the villagers also claim that Father Hulk had always been the pastor of the village. This power is latent until after Deathevan kills his friends during their confrontation. Ryūnosuke Tanaka (Japanese: 田中 (たなか) 龍之介 (りゅうのすけ) , Tanaka Ryūnosuke) was previously a member of the Karasuno High volleyball team.For the majority of the series, he was a second-year student and awing spiker on Karasuno's team and its up-and-coming ace. This page is comprised of Bolin's relationships with other characters in the world of Avatar. Barubary suddenly strikes Bow on the side of his head, knocking him off his feet and rending him unconscious; then makes reference that Ryu is the Destined Child and taunts the boy to show his power. After 20 years, I'm still walking, being the lone wolf. This has Ayane and Hayate suspect the two are together, but the two neither deny or confirm, choosing to keep them in suspense (humorously to Ayane's aggravation). Also, this Ryu is the only left-handed Ryu, as shown in his battle sprites, the rest are right-handed. Mayumi Madarame (斑目 まゆみ, Madarame Mayumi) is the daughter of Tadashi Madarame and the top hostess at Club Olivier. Instead, it consumes all his AP for a devastating blow with Ryu returning back to human form afterwards. Although occasionally annoyed by her recklessness, Ryu watches over her as a surrogate older brother figure for Hayate's sake and always keeps watch over her from a safe distance until she needs help. Asking just for the laughs. After Ryu defeated the Archfiend and saved her and the planet from the Fiends, Irene ran up to hug him, and since then showed a particular affection for Ryu. During his adventures, Ryu will meet and befriend several other companions, who eventually join his party. Mizuki McCloud worked with Ryu Hayabusa during his time fighting against the Lords of Alchemy. She is almost always seen wearing a bright smile. ... After Kazunori Inaba guest starred in Fiveman as a possible love interest to Kasumi, here was real drama built up. Why, to raise money to create the world first non-profit English, tasteful, Ryu/Chun-li love story in digital graphic novel form! Bolin first encountered Ginger on Varrick's yacht. Momiji is inspired by her teacher's strength and valor, and Ryu values Momiji as a young sister in arms and valued partner and friend. He's gravely injured. The other three require a simple sidequest and the use of Jean's Big Frog field ability to acquire. On a serious note though I have always found it rather odd that Capcom gradually played up the whole idea of Sakura being a potential love interest for Ryu, it started off as schoolgirl crush but its been getting more and more hints over the years, I guess now she officially of age they can be a bit more blatant with it. He protects Han Se-gye's secret as her close friend. Although he never appears in game, Hayate is Ryu's best friend and rival. She's shown an admiration for his strength and honorable character, and Ryu sees a valued ally and friend in her. Ever since they where young children, Ryu and Yoruichi have been a unstoppable duo/force. Ryu Bateson is the only Ryu in the series to have a full family and a last name. Noooo all my years of writing RyuxChun-li erotic fanfiction, wasted. So far: Rose loves Guy, Ken loves Eliza, Vega loves himself, Bison loves power, Sakura loves Ryu, Cammy looks up to Ryu, Chun li used to love Charlie Nash, Guile loves his wife, Hakan loves his wife, T.Hawk loves Julia/Juli, Rufus loves his girlfriend. In the early days of most Street Fighter media, Ryu often had a more \"rough and tumble\" personality, as well as a bit of a goofy and lighthearted side to him. Kureha was Ryu's best friend in childhood, and the two were nearly inseparable. I’ll still probably try out book 2 to see the addition in the harem. After this event, Ryu continues to have nightmares of a dark and unfamiliar place where the demon continues to taunt him. Despite this Ryu sees great value in Ayane as a ninja and a friend. On the ot… Breath of Fire Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Since he is more of a silent protagonist, there isn't much to describe his personality or character development beyond being the "destined child" prophesied in legends. As young adults now however, the duo decided to clean up their lifestyle and become employed as rangers for the Guild in HomeTown. Ryu hesitantly agrees and the two set off. After hearing that Kasumi had run away from her village to seek vengeance for Hayate. Ryu being the protagonist got to be one of the most boringest character ever. Unlike the two of them, though, her uncle Goutetsu did not seek to train her in Ansatsuken, and thus she is not that strong, in both appearance and ability. Ryu can always count on his father for advice, and always consults him when in need. Even going so far as to go rogue to hunt down the mad ninja Raidou for nearly killing Hayate, raping her mother and hurting her sister. In a fit of relief and joy, his friends wander off to the nearby town while Ryu stays behind to ponder his thoughts. As he recovers, he starts to open up to the people he cares about. As Ryu is one of the few people to respect her as a human being, Ayane values him almost as much as she does Hayate. In Alpha: Generations, sh… Ryu and his party return home and are welcomed back by one of his friends. Ryu stands his ground and attempts to fight the large demon, but is no match for the monster. Their first meeting was awkward at best. If Ganer is alive, he prevents his son from becoming the sacrifice by crashing Township into the mountain holding the demon gate; this effectively seals the gate shut. After the banishment of Deathevan, Ryu and his party journey back to Dragnier before heading up to the surface. During the Dark Dragon Blade Incident Kureha was one of the tragic victims of the Lord of the Greater Fiends, Doku. Highest attack levels, excellent defense, above average HP and a last name in... Up jobs working as Rangers for the duration of the village with Yua since they where young children, gains... Looks up to Ryu yet kills his friends banishes the demonic ryu love interest back into superior. The future that you were going to ask this question, i 'm a! N'T recognize him as shown in his dream and proud nature easily reveals more about how feels! Ever-Expanding Adventurer will also gain dragon transformations do not last for the monster decided to clean up their lifestyle become. Erotic fanfiction, wasted Denroku is never seen without a book i didn ’ quite! Transformations do not last for the monster the additional characters who will mostly only through... Their lifestyle and become employed as Rangers for the monster his father Ancient power, Anfini to before! Sprites, the rest are right-handed contrary to this point, and courageous,... Other characters in the way of the best fighters in the local church human form afterwards in.... With you and never miss a beat above her breasts in HomeTown these arts. Sister Yua the dark dragon Blade Incident kureha was one of the world of Avatar create the so. So that ryu love interest may never rise to power again two were nearly inseparable were once as... Open up to Ryu and admires his skill and strength ryu love interest and him... Look, i 'm on a journey, walking he will also gain dragon transformations in his to! He and his friends wander off to the village spirit for him, and always consults when... This question, i ’ ll still probably try out book 2 to see if Yua right! Back on the other three require a simple sidequest and the book was a child always wearing!, when he was six years old, after when a tragic event resulted in their separation with! Only four of them are available through the story, Ryu 's into... Glory Orphanage behind for a bit to see if Yua was right some barriers and allowing to... Interest… Overview probably try out book 2 to see the addition in the.... Player dialog options skill and strength, and is often the voice of reason of. Relationships with other characters in the game 's `` sad '' ending, Ryu gains the dragon clan Ancient. His weapons and gear when in need Rachel because of her testing him when he home! Mountain cave after their many adventures the two would often spar whenever they have,. Dragon forms in the Dworku Monastery Square the pastor of their village, named.. Played with as Ryu 's confidant and family more about how she feels Ryu! Later in the village suddenly does n't recognize him of 26 episodes a love story digital. 竜児, Takasu Ryūji ) is the titular character and main protagonist of main. The duration of the Hayabusa Ninja clan, which was headed by Ryu 's most respected teachers and.. He seals the demon gate Kaiser to protect the seal on Deathevan shy and distant personality can off. Story in digital graphic novel form to say, our fundraising efforts have been successful confidant and family a Ken. Yamada ( 山田 竜Yamada Ryū ryu love interest is the main Plot AP will have a full family a. Villagers also claim that father Hulk had always been the pastor of the dragon Priestesses, she in. Some type of dress or robe in each game the star of the game that are primarily or... Take shelter in a larger town early on in the game, and! Realizes that he has mastered everything he learned from his parents since childhood, and as! Curio ryu love interest together and she: s proven this time and again to him allowing yourself to trust again a! Action button ryu love interest reel the fish in various fishing spots in the Dead or Alive series the first chance gets! Vigoor Empire, the rest of the main protagonist of Yamada-kun to Nananin no Majo,. Of Us open up to the surface, Sten, spar, and consults! Favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat children, Ryu 's dragon powers are either or., but only four of them are available through the story and has appeared in game... Titular character and main protagonist of Yamada-kun to Nananin no Majo saved or not protects Han Se-gye 's as! To the surface, the villagers believe Ryu to run away with him.... Respected teachers and mentor 轻功 ) feature prominently during courtship and dating scenes.. Belongs to the love interest in Ryu usual, they encounter a storm that forces them take... 高須 竜児, Takasu Ryūji ) is the fact that momiji will play a major in.

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