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Impact Investing is Poised for Growth

With a growing number of family foundations and increasingly mission-minded private equity money, there might be competition for foundation talent to come. And it could be a start to “professionalize” the market. That move toward professionalization has been the subject of recent initiatives by D.C.-based Case Foundation, the family foundation of AOL founder Steve Case and his…
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70,000 thoughts each day

The average person has 70,000 thoughts each day, and if you don’t learn to organize them, they have the potential to wreak havoc on your productivity When you succumb to the flurry of thoughts running through your head, your mind becomes disorganized, and the more you ruminate on intrusive thoughts, the more power you give…
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Leaders get things done

It's not enough for twenty-first-century leaders to focus on getting things done. They must also connect with employees to inspire performance. Digging deeper, top management today needs to marry purpose and meaning to each employee's contribution. Amid these expectations, and these are but a handful, it's easy for a leader to overlook herself. A leader depleted of…
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